Tuesday, July 20, 2010

pre-deployment trips drive me nuts

im so lonely when my boyfriend goes on these training trips for pre deployment. it sucks so bad. hes still gonna be gone for another 16 days and i cant take it. hes only been gone since saturday morning. i feel all sad and mopey and dont wanna eat... our apartment (which we just moved into about two months ago) is so quiet, i am so grateful for him getting me cable before he left so i wouldnt be sitting here in silence when im home from work for the day or afternoon.i dont know i just need him home asap but i have to get used to it at the same time. after all he is gonna be gone for 6 months soon.... we may be moving again to another apt that allows dogs so we can get one so im not too alone and have a reason to get up and out when i dont have work...

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