Wednesday, December 8, 2010

christmas shopping

tis the season to wake up early, be cold and stand on lines.... not cool. i loooove online shopping but this year i started early, and bought alot of gifts from where i work, so i wasnt killed going into the store. sure i had a few close calls with elbows, sharp pointed bags, and bigger people but hey im still alive and well... going. my fiance who is over in iraq right now didnt ask for much, but i am packing up a box for him with a bunch of goodies and i wrapped every single thing in the box so he has a lot to open. but yeah... gonna try to get off my butt today, on my day off from work, to get to the gym, get my secret santa present for work, and clean today... i hope im succesful!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

you know when you have so much school work you dont know where to begin becasue it feels like no matter how much you work or do or read there is just no point? well ive encountered this issue so much the past two weeks, but today i finally 100% finished all this weeks assignments the day it was due everything was submitted so yay! props to me.

happy belated tday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

pre-deployment trips drive me nuts

im so lonely when my boyfriend goes on these training trips for pre deployment. it sucks so bad. hes still gonna be gone for another 16 days and i cant take it. hes only been gone since saturday morning. i feel all sad and mopey and dont wanna eat... our apartment (which we just moved into about two months ago) is so quiet, i am so grateful for him getting me cable before he left so i wouldnt be sitting here in silence when im home from work for the day or afternoon.i dont know i just need him home asap but i have to get used to it at the same time. after all he is gonna be gone for 6 months soon.... we may be moving again to another apt that allows dogs so we can get one so im not too alone and have a reason to get up and out when i dont have work...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Etsy shop now up!

Okay so its not alot of item yet, but im slowly putting up my items a few a day. Here's a pic of my earrings i made. They are 1/2 inch origami cranes!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


okay so my draculaura came from the mattel website just the other day. I didnt realize how long her hair was! i didnt post earlier becasue i have been crazy busy with another new job at the beach, my other job, and setting up my etsy account and purchasing the last few things id need to complete sales!! Also, living without cable has finally ended, i am so happy to be able to watch the news and just hear voices talking while im cooking, cleaning, getting ready to go out...etc. A HUGE thanks to my boyfriend escpecially now since hes on a 3 week training trip before hes deployed. I dont like being alone in a quiet apartment, i dont really think anyone else likes it too much for long periods of time.

I plan on opening my new etsy shop on friday. the link is:

I will have origami crane earings protected by a clear glaze to make them more durable, hemp braceletes and anklets, and origami crane fabric ornaments! check 'em out this friday!

so another thing im excited about is my recent purchase of the Robert Tonner Joker doll... he's supposed to arrive this monday to my apartment :) heres a look.